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miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008

Venezuela is now main drugs corridor

Venezuela is now the main gateway for drugs moving to the Western Hemisphere, according to a US Department of State study cited in a Bloomberg report. The study highlights a weak judicial system in Venezuela, alleged corruption and the refusal to work with international drug-prevention agreements as the reasons for its conclusion. Successes in Colombia have also transferred drug movement to Venezuela reflected in the tripling of seizures last year, the report says. It describes the level of anti-drug cooperation between the US and Venezuela as “minimal” after Venezuela refused to sign an information exchange proposed last year.

Marijuana load seized in Táchira State and a Cocaine one in Vargas

ABN 01/05/2008
Caracas, Distrito Capital
Caracas, Apr. 30. ABN.- Two big loads of drugs, one of 2.6 tons of
marijuana (3,527 lbs) in Táchira State (Western Venezuela) and 840
kilograms of cocaine (1,851 lbs) in Vargas State (North-center Venezuela),
were seized few hours ago by the police department of Táchira
(Politáchira) and the Anti-drug Command of the National Guard,

The information was given to the Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias (ABN) by
the President of the Anti-drug National Office (ONA, Spanish abbreviation),
Colonel Néstor Reverol Torres.

The load of marijuana was seized this Wednesday early morning in Táchira
(a state that borders with Colombia).

Reverol Torres explained that such load was transported in a truck which
was abandoned by the people driving it about 2:00 am when they realized
police officers were near them.

Táchira police officers were after the truck after they received
intelligence information reporting that truck as suspect.

Nevertheless, police officers had to keep a safe distance from the truck.
Thus, the truck driver accelerated after a curve so they could take some
advantage to flee.

Reverol pointed out that a cocaine load was seized,
camouflaged in marble pedestals stored in 40 feet containers in order to be
sent to Madrid, Spain.

The seize took place this Tuesday after a routine inspection carried out by
the Anti-drug Command of the National Guard at the port of La Guaira,
Vargas State, using the non intrusive system of containers revision, which
were installed as part of the country's customs modernization process.

National Guard officers make a manual revision only if a container is
suspect after the X-Ray checking.

Reverol Torres added that both seizes constitute a prove of Venezuelan
Government's commitment to fight against the drug trafficking and drug
consumption national and internationally.

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